Rental cost

  • Cessna 172 $148 an hour fuel included
  • Cessna 150 $120 an hour fuel included


Private Pilot License Cost

This is an estimate of the minimum cost to obtain a private pilot license

  • 33 hours duel flight instruction in a Cessna 172 @$208/hr $6,864
  • 12 hours solo flight time in a Cessna 172@$148/hr $1,776
  • 20 hours of ground briefing @$60/hr $1,200
  • Ground School $300
  • Ground School Kit $270
  • Licensing/Testing $500


Total cost $10,910 plus HST


This cost is the minimum for flying a Cessna 172 with 45 hours of flight training.

Cost for a Cessna 150 is $120/hr and using this aircraft will reduce the total cost for obtaining a Private Pilot License by $1,200

These costs are pay as you go it could take you as little as four month or as long as two years to get your licence.

**Prices are subject to change without notice